Business Strategy Formulation

Business Strategy and Planning

Developing a Business Strategy, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, is all about choices and often difficult ones. Sometimes it’s extremely helpful to get independent support from outside your organisation to help you create and refine your strategy as well as ensure that the strategy is deliverable.

At Oak Consult we use tried and tested methodologies gained from decades of experience in business to help you build your Business Strategy.

  • We start by understanding your organisation: your operation, competitive dynamics, culture, objectives and challenges. By seeing the world the way you do we can work to your agenda, not ours and will apply our insights to your specific strategic and operational challenges.
  • We gather detailed metrics from around your organisation and industry sector to ensure we have a clear view of your market, your business and key micro and macro trends in your industry.
  • We spend time with your key people and ideally talk to some of your customers to understand what’s working, what isn’t and why.
  • We develop a number of options for you to consider and then help you formulate your strategy.
  • Strategy is nothing without execution. We can help you to put management processes and metrics in place to help you monitor progress and keep your strategy on the right track.
  • Post implementation we can help you to regularly review where you are against your plan and help you alter course should your business need to.

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