Sales Growth Accelerator

Demand generation and prospect targeting is a time-consuming and sometimes a costly process if not done well and by the right people.Sales Growth Accelerator

At Oak Consult we have built a tried and tested approach to driving sales leads into your organisation for your sales team to close.

We work with you to understand your target market, your key products and services, your typical sales cycle and your Unique Selling Points and pull together an integrated campaign to suit you, your sales team and your budget.

Content is a key part of the accelerator. You may already have a bank of collateral that we can use immediately or we can work with you to produce the compelling content across the web, email and social media that we will need for a successful project.

Using social media, digital marketing and traditional sales techniques, we can quickly begin to increase your company’s visibility whilst generating qualified leads or appointments and ultimately new customers and more sales.

We work with several key telesales and telemarketing partners that are experts at what they do. Oak Consult will act as project lead and co-ordinate all the activity on your behalf.

We come equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience, which enables our team to provide you with a unique formula for a successful and measurable campaign that will impact your bottom line positively.

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