Social Media Boot Camps

Social Media, Training, Twitter, Facebook. Google+. LinkedIn, Business, B2B Type Social Media into Google and you’ll get over 3 billion results. Type in marketing and you’ll get a 6th of that number. Social Media has exploded over the last decade. For those of us with Marketing backgrounds it’s very difficult to think of life without it now. However, for many organisations and business people, it is still a dark art and not to be messed with! As consumers many of us use Facebook and as professionals we may have a LinkedIn profile set up and that’s about it. If you’re a business owner or key influencer in your business, we would advise you to ask yourself the following questions before you dismiss its potential for your business:

  1. Are my competitors using social media for their Marketing, Sales or Customer Service functions?
  2. Are my employees actively using social media during work time and engaging with potential clients and customers?
  3. Are my customers using Social Media and if so on what platforms, when and why?
  4. Do my customers want to engage with my business via Social Media and for what reasons?
  5. Do I want to engage with my customers across more channels?
  6. Do I want my brand to be seen as thought leaders in our marketplace?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and you’re not sure your business and it’s people are equipped with the right knowledge, tools or strategy to take it to the next stage, then Oak Consult can help. We can build tailored training courses for your business, pitched at the right level for the audience. Generally we would cover the following areas of social media for our introductory courses:

  • Overview of the major Social Networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTubeSocial Media Boot Camp
  • Blogs, microblogging sites and social networks
  • Listening to and engaging with customers
  • Social media monitoring tools and how to use them
  • Selecting appropriate platforms for your business
  • Pitfalls of social media and social media policies
  • Using social insights across other digital channels
  • Monetising and creating business value

Boot Camp Content