Business Change and Transformation

Business Change and Transformation, Oak Consult

Succeeding in today’s competitive business environment requires that your organisation is agile enough to respond quickly to internal and external change. To stay ahead, you have to explore new ways to grow your business – for example, by launching a new product or service or targeting a different marketplace. Speed and focus could become your biggest competitive advantages.

For this to succeed, you will need to rapidly align resources and people so as to drive speed, efficiency and profitability. But how do you achieve this level of organisational agility and ensure focused execution across your business?

The key is driving organisational alignment – an elusive goal for many companies.

This requires strong executive alignment, an organisational mind-set that values performance management and the ability to perform effectively.

Once these elements are in place, you need baseline information to devise the right strategies, a clear understanding of interdependencies, and insight into where to deploy personnel and budgets.

To drive adoption, you must communicate strategies to employees in ways that they understand and embrace and that are within the context of their roles. You must provide the right tools and incentives to help them execute on a daily basis and in alignment with corporate strategies.

However, if your organisation is like most, there is a significant gap between strategy and execution because of breakdowns in one or more of these areas.

You need to consider how to implement PACE in your organisation:

  • Planning
  • Alignment
  • Communication
  • Execution

At Oak Consult we’ll work with you on all four elements of PACE to ensure that you have the tools and more importantly organisation buy-in to achieve your business outcomes.

There is no ‘One Size Fits All’ approach to what we do, although we do use a tried and tested framework methodology to Business Change and Transformation.

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