Gung Ho



For those of you who are in any form of management or leadership role and haven’t read the book Gung Ho (R) by Kenneth Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles, you need to!

I read this book at least once a year and have given a copy to all my managers in any team I have run since I first read the book. Those that have chosen to read it, and some haven’t, have been truly inspired to work differently with their teams.

I won’t spoil the story within the book, but in essence there are three core management rules that I’ve tried to use throughout my career to motivate people and get results:

1. Everybody should know why their work is important, not in terms of units produced, but how their role can affect people’s daily lives. This needs to been underpinned by shared goals and values – very simple, but often ignored especially in larger organisations and teams.

2. Employees should plan their own work, have the tools to do their job, and be stretched in their role whilst their thoughts, feelings, dreams and needs are respected.

3. Cheering each other on! Receiving feedback is vital for people – especially praise. enthusiasm = Mission x Cash and Congratulations!

Yes, there are hundreds of management theories, and I’ve read many of them, but these 3 rules, or variants thereof, invariably underpin any successful organisation that I’ve been involved in.

Thanks for Ken and Sheldon for making a difference to my life and I’m sure to countless others.