Reading Time: 3 minutes Following on from my recent posts on Self-Limiting Beliefs (Part1, Part2), I’ve paid much more attention to the language people use around me to watch for self-limiting beliefs or self-restricting words that serve to embed these hindering thoughts as ‘facts’ in our subconscious – Personal barriers to success! How often [...]

Why Not or Why Not? – Removing Personal Barriers to ...

self-limiting beliefs 9
Reading Time: 5 minutes If you are one of those people who constantly has negative thoughts or feelings running around inside you, or you find yourself regularly repeating bad habits or destructive patterns, most likely you have a hidden self-limiting belief lurking in your mind, holding you back from reaching your full potential, preventing [...]

Self-limiting Beliefs – Part 1

Star Performer - Attitude or Aptitude 6
Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ve been thinking a great deal of late about what makes the difference between a good team member and a great one, or for that matter a good leader or a great one. Aptitude or Attitude? I’ve come to the conclusion that Attitude is a key defining factor. Who are [...]

Aptitude or Attitude ~ What makes a Star Performer?